Monday, February 16, 2009

Weight Watchers ending week 5

Weight loss for the week: -1.4 pounds
Total weight loss: -7.5 pounds

It's crazy how your body works sometimes. Because we have totally fallen off the wagon and I still lost weight. Granted I haven't weighed in two weeks, so really I lost 1.4 pounds over two weeks, but that's still better than gaining. My goals for this week is to measure and track everything I eat, and go to the gym at least 3 times. I know this seems like my goals should be second nature by now, but I really have to force myself to try. Z is doing horrible on his diet, which completely throws me off mine. It was so much easier in the beginning when he was completely into it. I could don't think I could do this on my own, but I started this to support him, and now I feel like I am the one who needs support. Some days I do just want to give up and be a fat kid for the rest of my life. But at the same time, I am not happy with myself. And if we have children, I don't want our bad eating habits to go to them, because I would hate to see them struggle and be disappointed with themselves. Knowing it was our fault would break my heart. So this week is ALL about getting back on track!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Weight Watchers ending week 4

I have decided not to weigh this week. I was sick for part of the week and I feel it will give me a bigger lose than I really accomplished. So I will let you all know how things went next time.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Weight Watchers ending week 3

This weeks weight loss: 0.6 pounds
Total weight loss: 6.1 pounds

THIS WEEK SUCKED!! I seriously went back to my old ways for at least 50% of the week. The week started of great. Monday we went to the gym, I walked/ran for 30 minutes, then rode a bike for 30 minutes. Then it starts, we cheated on dinner on Tuesday. The biggest mistake we could make, we went to a buffett. Wednesday was good. Then the rest of the week went downhill...FAST! I weigh myself everyday, but I only count my Monday morning weight, and what sucks is Wednesday of this week, I was down another 4 pounds! It really pisses me off that I screwed up so bad this week. I could have possible lost 4 pounds, but instead I only lost .6 pounds. I know I haven't been doing this for long, but it seems to early to fall of the wagon. I'm tired of making excuses for myself!! It's alot easier when Z is on track with me, but he is so convincing when he wants to cheat. It is SO hard to resist, but I can't let that get to me anymore.

This week is FULL for me. I WILL EAT RIGHT! I might not make it to the gym as much as I would like, but I WILL EAT RIGHT! I have meeting tonight and tomorrow starting at 5 and have no idea when they will end. I work Wednesday and Thursday until 6. Friday I might be doing something with my sorority sisters (which will probably include food). But I will make it work, this is life. I love this crazy, tragic, some times almost magic, awful beauful life!

Monday, January 26, 2009

Weight Watchers ending week 2

This weeks weight loss: 2.5 pounds
Total weight loss: 5.5 pounds

We have decided to make some more changes to our daily diets. We decided whenever possible to not eat foods that contain high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) and enriched wheat flour. HFCS silently increases our risk of obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and atherosclerosis. Enriched wheat flour means that the natural vitamins and minerals are extracted. This makes the body absorb and break down the flour more quickly flooding the blood stream and storing it as fat. By talking to some trainers at the gym we learned that HFCS and "enriched" foods make people eat more. Trust me, it's VERY hard to find foods that do NOT contain either one or both of those by-products.

So this weekend we cleaned out our cabinets and fridge! We gave away at least $100 worth of food. With that said we started buying some items at the health food store, Nature's Paradise in Emporia. Where we found ground elk and bison meat, which is much leaner than ground beef. Yes it sucks that we can't eat the comfort food, which is what we are addicted to. But we get excited to find new ways to make that food healthy.

We started our gym membership and made it there twice this week. Zach started working with a trainer and is getting his ass kicked! I can't wait to learn what he has learned!

I think it's safe to say we are both really comitted to doing this, and doing it the healthy way. Last week was easier than the first, but still has its own challenges. So here's to this week, and all the stuggles it brings!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Weight Watchers ending week 1

Beginning Weight: not ready to publish on the internet
Current Weight: still not brave enough
Total Weight Loss: 3 pounds

Ok, so 3 pound could just be water weight, but I have to start somewhere! Zach started his Weight Watchers meetings on January 12. He has tried the program before and it worked really well for him. I also started the program on the same day. I am not attending meetings, I don't see a point in both of us paying to go. So I am just following the books and what he learns in class. Personally I do want to change my eating habits, but we are also supporting each other through every temptation.

Ultimate Temptation for the week: The stupid sugar cookie with colored sprinkles. I attended my works annual meeting where cookies were provided as refreshments. I REALLY wanted the stupid sugar cookie with colored sprinkles. But I resisted. The next day I walk into the break room to clock in, and cookies left over from the meeting the night before where on the table, I still resisted. At 10am I went to get my morning snack of pineapple (1 weight watchers point because it was in light syrup) and there sat the last cookie...THE STUPID SUGAR COOKIE WITH COLORED SPRINKLES!!! The only cookie left was the one I wanted. I grabbed the pineapple and walked away. Only to fight with myself and return to the break room where I picked it up and took it to my office...I DIDN'T EAT IT! I figured the point value only to find one stinking cookie would add 3 points to my day. I am only allowed 29 points a day, so to me 3 points is A LOT! I took that cookie back to the break room and walked away.

I have decided that my first goal will be 10% of my starting weight. This weekend we bought a digital scale to measure out what we eat accurately and two Weight Watchers cookbooks. I can say that writing down everything I eat makes me more aware of what I am putting into my body. It also helps me make healthier choices. And you really do get to eat REAL food. No people McDonald's is NOT real food. So good luck to everyone else out there struggling with making healthier choices!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

It's about time!

An interesting title for a few reasons...

1. I have had a blog for a month, but no posts!

2. After 8 years, I finally got new glasses!

The only time I wear glasses is right before bed, and lazy Sundays. So a few nights ago Zach rolled over on my glasses. No big deal, yes they were bent to hell and a lense popped out, but these things are like Terminator glasses. No matter how smashed they get I can always bend them back to shape and fix them. A long time ago, another time when they broke, I stipped the screw hole holding one of the lenses together. No biggie, I took a twist tie from bread, pulled off the paper, and WALLA good as new.
Well, this time Zach felt bad because he broke them and wanted to fix them for me. Well in the smashing of them my handy dandy bread twist tie came out. He thought I lost a screw, but I told him what was really holding them together. He went into this long story about how people in his jail have their glasses held together with twisties and how HIS WIFE, would not be wearing glasses like that!
Much to my arguement that they were fine and were still wearable, we went to the eye doctor yesterday and picked out new frames! I don't have lenses in them yet because I had to make an appointment for an exam. But for the first time in 8 years, since my junior year of high school - I HAVE NEW GLASSES!

I told him I'd keep these for ten years :)